1. End Of Project

    Just a few words to explain the last image of yesterday’s movie.

    Yes, I am quitting Tumblr. I have no fun in doin’ it no more and I don’t think the environment around me has fun with it as well. People are irritated when I bring out a camera and I don’t want this site to be a source of irritation & fights.

    All tumblr-songs will be released to Your Countdown Newsletter Subscribers soon.

    So, for the last time,



  2. Today’s song is called “Take A Break” because for the first time in a few weeks I came home from school with a feeling that I could chill out a bit and enjoy the sun, for one of the last times before the exams.

    This song uses the same concept as a song I made on “Silence The Lights - EP” called “Heartbeat”. The concept in that song is that a heartbeat is a big part of the song which is the same here with the same heartbeat sound.. All the other instruments are different. 

    So I hope you enjoy this song and I’ll see you tomorrow! :D 


  3. Small revenge, just to play

    • Me: Well, that doesn't surprise me.. How did you get that to your foot?
    • Janne: Someone jumped on my foot so now I can't put any weight on it
    • Me: Again? That's like the 5th time in 3 years?
    • Janne: Yeah
    • Me shouting: Well, that's our train.. Come on slowpoke, move! Faster! Come on, Please, tempooo! Get movin' girl.. I know you're just goin' slow to mess with everyone here. Move! COME ON! MOVE!!!!
  4. “Quality is the difference..”
    Michiel Vossen about the new Your Countdown-album
  5. I’ve wasted today.. Been missin’ Laura, been doin’ nothing significant.. Should work for school.. 

  6. 3rd day in a row..

    Today was the last day of the so-called “Woordweek”. 3 days filled with acting and playing.. 

    To me it were 3 days together with Laura..

    Today me & Laura had to perform to some judges who would rate the acting skills of everyone in our group.. I’m not going to say the numbers but we all had pretty good results. :)

    I didn’t do a lot, except for that. Worked a bit for school, chilled-out and now I’m watching “Fight Science” on National Geographic Channel, which is fascinating to me and after this I will go to bed.. Maybe send Laura another text, don’t know.. I’m really tired :D

    Anyway, that’s about it for today :) Thanks to Laura it has been another perfect day.. I feel sad it’s the last day of the “Woordweek”.. I love to be around her.. Anywhere, anytime..

  7. Today’s song is called “He Better Not Touch You Tonight” & holds a truth to me, but it doesn’t really count to me no more on this moment..

    So I decided to take a serious court case and twist it in a way it becomes sex-related 

    "Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me and my doughter, he’s done that a few times".. 

    F - - - yeah.. :D

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